I Help Businesses Make Better Technology Decisions

Ready to save a boatload of time and money? Let's look at your 3-5 year business goals. I can guide you to make strategic decisions, defeat shiny object syndrome, and make those apps and tools straightforward and easy to use.

This will be fun. I promise.

Core Services

Your Guiding Light in Tech Sh*t Creek

Technology Roadmap

Want to level-up your business but don't know where to start? Tired of double-entry, apps that stink, and other annoying issues? You need a tech roadmap!

I help you strategize, plan and implement your tech project, positioning your business for success.

Website Review

Is your website ticking you off? You deserve to connect with your ideal customers. 

I help you get clear about how your website is blocking you from the customers you want and the money you deserve. Only $397. Includes a 1-hr. meeting.

VIP Experience

Are you hiding online? Do you know what you want but the project seems stalled? Do you have a bunch of stuff half-done (or not working)?

If you answered yes to any (or all!) of these questions, the VIP Experience might be for you.

Hourly packages also available. 


Jen Really Knows Her Stuff

Jen did a thorough, comprehensive review of my website and provided me with a report, including several ideas to improve the customer's experience of my website. The written report contained some techno-babble which I, as a non-technical person, didn't understand. But Jen went over it with me and explained it all in plain, understandable terms, so that I can probably make most of the adjustments myself. Jen was a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff.

Dawn Jansen Owner, Pawsitive Companion

What is a Technology Roadmap?

{Roadmap}: An evolving technology plan that informs what is most necessary and when is the best time to get it.

You can select one of these options or you can get the full roadmap.

Foster Growth Strategy Services


I'll take a look at your business goals - now and in the next 3-5 years. Then, I'll evaluate where you are and the tech tools it'll take to fulfill your business vision. 

  • Strategic considerations: values, objectives, people, problems, resources
  • Develop a foundation. Assess what you have and eliminate what isn’t needed
  • Competitive analysis. Who do you admire? What’s he/she doing?
  • Identify goals. What do you dream of building? What tools will get you there?
  • Possible work products: gap analysis, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, needs assessment, strategic plan


Once the needs are known, we collaborate to put together a framework based on your goals and strategy - you see the high-level assumptions and milestones to help you stay on track. This framework flows into a plan outlining the tasks and tactics to put everything in motion. A plan for you (nontechnical) and one for your service provider (technical), including tasks and timelines. 

  • Budget and forecasting. Keep you accountable to what you have and what you need
  • Determine milestones. Checkpoints that indicate when to make your next purchase
  • Possible work products: nontechnical plan, technical specifications, budgeting, priorities, project plan, to do lists
Foster Growth Implementation Rocket


Implementation is when it hits the fan. So I help with finding the right providers and, most importantly, arming you with the most salient negotiation questions to avoid disasters. I also provide project management services, help you get unstuck on projects, and help you stay on track.

  • Assemble the right people. What’s the difference between a developer and designer? When do you need a programmer? How long does this take? What are the red flags?
  • Form technical agreements. Help you review and negotiate a fair agreement with a service provider
  • Project management advice. How to lead a project when you aren’t a tech expert 
  • Possible work products: service provider search and interviewing, tech agreement review, project management

The Devil's In The Details. I'll Help You Cover The Bases. 

With over 20 years of professional design and tech experience, I've led everything from 7-figure tech projects to small business projects, like websites, autoresponders, webinars, membership sites, and learning management systems. I'm passionate about helping you get efficient, budget appropriate technology to support your business. 

Jen McFarland Foster Growth Services

Foster Growth is 'tech agnostic,' industry-specific.
I don't have a preconceived, cookie-cutter idea of what is right for your business. You talk, I listen. Then, I look at several factors, including your comfort with technology, budget, and long-term vision to create plans that make sense.

You can choose one of the options or a combination.
Some people need implementation, like finding the right web developer and ensuring the process stays on track. Others need a strategy, like understanding when is the best time to launch e-courses. Some don’t know what they need. And that’s cool too.

Your roadmap evolves.
Just like technology does. This is only your most logical path for moving forward at this moment, and we can always revisit it.

No force feeding.
Together, we’ll make sure any tools you use are entirely within your comfort level. If you aren’t confident, we ditch it.

Why should you do this? Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Your roadmap is designed to keep you on course, stay accountable and continue moving forward, without wasting money along the way. It’s the smoothest path to your business dreams.

Ready To Get Started?

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