Sally Foley-Lewis with Jen McFarland

Jen McFarland and Sally Foley-Lewis share a few tidbits about their upcoming interview on the Third Paddle podcast. We talk about leadership, self-awareness, and productivity. It’s going to be a fun and productive (!!!) episode!

This podcast episode is NOW LIVE!! Check it out!

About Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally has written two books, her latest is The Productive Leader and she gives presentations and runs workshops to help people become Productive Leaders.

Sally is a dynamic and interactive presenter, MC, and much sought after facilitator and executive coach. Sally’s clients rave about her because she leaves the audience equipped to take immediate positive action.

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Jennifer McFarland

Jennifer McFarland, MPA, is a technology strategist and project turnaround artist. She's nerdy enough to talk to the techies, but her real passion is helping nontechnical business owners get the technology they need to support their business vision. Her superpowers are listening, evaluating complex problems, and finding direct, simple solutions. Whether it's a database responsible for handling millions of dollars, or a small business website, Jennifer's tech agnostic, research-based solutions deliver powerful results. Her clients have experienced up to 250% increases in web traffic, and a 98% reduction in data entry. Schedule your free Tech Turnaround Session today!

  • If you’d like to learn more about Sally, head over to her Facebook page at Sally Foley-Lewis : People & Productivity.

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