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You're a business owner. You have big goals. Despite all your hard work, every once in a while you end up stuck in shit creek. Without a paddle.

You're not alone in business shit creek. We've all been there. That's why we created this podcast. We're committed to helping you get out. 

What do we talk about? Business and technology issues that we commonly find in our fields of expertise, how we help, and actionable ideas for you can do if you're ever in the same situation.

Who does this show appeal to?
Most of our shows appeal to businesses of all sizes. If we are discussing a particular issue that pertains to an enterprise or a solopreneur, we make sure to point out who is most likely to stumble upon this kind of problem.

Is this show boring?
Uh. NO. The topics are enriching with lots of juicy bits to keep you engaged. AND, Jen and Twila engage in a lot of fun-loving banter, and occasional ribbing makes even the drier topics a lot more fun. So if you like to laugh, and enjoy analogies, like how your relationship with technology is a lot like getting a burrito at 7-11, you'll find a home with the Third Paddle.

I've listened to the show. WTH do you mean by 'your Idaho is showing'?
Jen was born and raised in Meridian, Idaho. Twila grew up in Henderson, Nevada, but most of her family is in the mountains of Idaho. Idaho is so small; we think that one of Jen's childhood neighbors is related to Twila —to be honest, we are a little afraid to ask.

If you've seen Napoleon Dynamite, then you've gotten a peek into Idaho's quirkiness (e.g., Napoleon Dynamite is set in present-day Idaho despite the moon boots and llamas). Long story short, Idahoans talk a little different and Twila likes to call Jen out on it. Jen's analogies and some of her humor are similar to what people call 'dad jokes' with a rural twist. So if you're down with that, guess what? Your Idaho is showing!

Sometimes my Idaho is showing. So what? #business #podcast #shitcreek

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Topics & Areas of Expertise

  • Technology mindset
  • Change management
  • Tech paralysis
  • Business automation
  • Project leadership
  • Protecting business information
  • Evaluating technology needs
  • Tech budgeting and forecasting
  • Handing data breaches and hacked websites
  • Responsibilities of technology service providers
  • Researching apps and tools 
  • Prioritizing  technology 
  • Business mindset
  • Business paralysis
  • Productivity
  • Leveraging and balancing team talents 
  • Assessing when you need to hire someone 
  • Business leadership strategies
  • Business growth hacks
  • Mapping out your profits
  • Marketing planning, priorities and evaluating when to execute
  • Personal performance
  • Product R & D

Don't see what you need? Looking for something specific? Email the show.
We'd love to help YOU get out of business shit creek!

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Subscribes you to Third Paddle Podcast email list. All emails include an unsubscribe link. You may opt-out at any time. See our privacy policy.

Third Paddle Podcast Co-Hosts

Jen McFarland Foster Growth Third Paddle

Jen McFarland, Foster Growth

Jen McFarland

Foster Growth

Jen McFarland is a technology strategist and project turnaround artist. She's nerdy enough to talk to the techies, but her real passion is helping nontechnical business owners get the technology they need to support their business vision.

Jen's superpowers are listening, evaluating complex problems, and finding direct, simple solutions. Whether it's a database responsible for handling millions of dollars, or a small business website, Jen's tech agnostic, research-based solutions deliver powerful results. Her clients have experienced up to 250% increases in web traffic, and a 98% reduction in data entry. 

Twila Kaye, Twila Kaye International

Twila Kaye, Twila Kaye International

Twila Kaye

Twila Kaye International

As a life-long entrepreneur, Twila Kaye knows what it takes to build an empire.  In 2013, after fast-tracking her gift basket company from bankruptcy to generating millions of dollars for herself and her clients, she founded Twila Kaye International and dedicated herself to teaching women everywhere how to build their empires.

Twila is the creator of The MILLION-aire MAP™, founder of the Woman UP Global Movement, and Managing Director of eWomen Network, Portland; where she coaches and leads over 100 successful female entrepreneurs into the next level of their lives and businesses. 

I'm ready to escape business sh*t creek! I can't wait to listen to The Third Paddle Podcast! #tech #entrepreneur #podcast

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Third Paddle Podcast

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