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Escape Business Sh*t Creek

Weekly episodes helping business owners get unstuck. 

Helping Businesses Get Unstuck

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You're a business owner. You have big goals. Despite all your hard work, every once in a while you end up stuck in shit creek. Without a paddle. 

You're not alone in business shit creek. I've been there. That's why I created this podcast. I'm committed to helping you get out. 

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Jennifer McFarland, Owner, Foster Growth

Jennifer McFarland is a technology consultant and project turnaround artist. She's nerdy enough to talk to the techies, but her real passion is helping nontechnical business owners get the technology they need to support their business vision.

Jennifer's superpowers are listening, evaluating complex problems, and finding direct, simple solutions. Whether it's a database responsible for handling millions of dollars, or a small business website, Jennifer's tech agnostic, research-based solutions deliver powerful results. Her clients have experienced up to 250% increases in web traffic, and a 98% reduction in data entry.

Topics and Areas of Expertise

  • Mindset
  • Leadership
  • Change management
  • Tech paralysis
  • Business automation
  • Business growth hacks
  • Personal performance
  • Protecting business information
  • Evaluating technology needs
  • Tech budgeting and forecasting
  • Handing data breaches and hacked websites
  • Responsibilities of technology service providers
  • Researching apps and tools 
  • Prioritizing  technology
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    We'd love to help YOU get out of shit creek!

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    Episodes, Show Notes & Transcripts

    Reckoning: What Happens When Enough is Enough
    Jen shares the journey that led to Foster Growth and why she is so passionate about helping businesses owned by[...]
    Truth in Business and the Impact of Women-Owned Business
    Join Jennifer as she discusses recent podcast changes, the challenges of finding truth in business in a ‘post-truth’ world, and[...]
    How to Own Your Power with Tandy Pryor
    Join Jennifer and her guest Tandy Pryor where you’ll learn how your attitudes toward power, including your physical environment, may[...]
    How to Release Yourself from Limitations with Brian Fowlie
    Are you in a self-created prison? Are you limiting your success? Jen interviews Brian Fowlie who learned meditation to free[...]
    Tim’s Transformational Journey Will Make You A Better Leader
    Jen interviews Tim McCain about his journey from addict and convict to entrepreneur. You’ll also learn how Tim’s inner control[...]
    How to Measure Your Growth Hacking Efforts
    Jen talks about the nuts and bolts of measuring growth hacking; both quantitative and qualitative. You’ll also learn how vital[...]
    Why Customer Retention Is Your #1 Growth Hack
    Learn about discuss customer retention — attracting NEW customers vs. wooing current customers, and why the latter is better. You’ll[...]
    Growth Hacking Tactics
    Learn about growth hacking tactics, SMART goals, effective strategies, and why curiosity is one of the key ingredients to growth.[...]
    What’s Growth Hacking? Are You a Growth Hacker?
    We discuss what growth hacking is and how you can integrate this mindset into your business. You’ll also hear how[...]
    Finding Your Critical Path to Business Growth
    Learn how business growth comes from a strategy that works for you, so you’re not taking on too much too[...]
    Adapting to Tech Changes
    Learn about adapting with technology, so when something breaks (cuz it will) you have options. You’ll also learn how honesty[...]
    Business Decision-Making: When to Trust Your Gut
    Do you struggle with tough decisions? This episode is all about reflects on how and when to trust your gut.[...]
    Why Authenticity is Key to Client Attraction
    In this episode, we get real about how solopreneurs and small business owners don’t have to be cookie-cutter. They can[...]
    Marketing Essentials: Targeting Your Message and When to Execute
    Learn the key elements of a marketing plan, from vision to executing to-do items. For solopreneurs and small- to medium-sized[...]
    What We’re Reading: Captivating Business Influencers
    We go raw and unedited in this episode, chatting about the influential books by business influencers. This lively discussion gives[...]
    How to Get Buy-In So Business Changes are Wildly Successful
    Jen explains the elements of getting buy-in using change management best practices. Learn how you can deliver change your organization[...]
    Business Overwhelm: When to Hire Someone
    We tackle the problems that arise from overwhelm – on teams, as leaders, in businesses big and small – and[...]
    Adjusting Your Tech Mindset
    Jen describes how solopreneurs, small business owners, startups, CEOs can adjust their tech mindset, resulting in cost savings, increased revenues,[...]
    Business Paralysis & Its Impacts on Productivity & Relationships
    In this episode of the Third Paddle Podcast, learn how business paralysis is usually more about us than it is[...]
    Growth Strategies: Mapping Out Your Profits & Tech Budgeting 101
    We discuss budgeting, mapping out your profits, and a method for identifying tech expenses. Tips and strategies for small businesses,[...]
    Piloting Your Own Plane and Tech Leadership for Nontechnical People
    We discuss why business owners need to provide solid leadership. Although delegation is OK, don't hand off operations. Learn and[...]
    Meet the Third Paddle
    These strategists help CEOs, startups, and solopreneurs get their business and tech unstuck. With humor, leadership and strategy, get to[...]