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Ready to escape sh*t creek?

Third Paddle Podcast

Escape business sh*t creek

Building an empire is hard. We're here to help.

If you don't know what 'business sh*t creek' is - we couldn't be happier. ... but if you've been there, you know how lonely and frustrating it can be finding the right business solutions.

Let us be your 3rd paddle to help you navigate the rapids of business and tech sh*t creek.

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I'm ready to escape business sh*t creek! I can't wait to listen to The Third Paddle Podcast! #tech #entrepreneur #podcast 

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Third Paddle Podcast Cohosts

Jen McFarland
Foster Growth

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Jen McFarland is a technology strategist and project turnaround artist. She's nerdy enough to talk to the techies, but her real passion is helping nontechnical business owners get the technology they need to support their business vision.

Jen's superpowers are listening, evaluating complex problems, and finding direct, simple solutions. Whether it's a database responsible for handling millions of dollars, or a small business website, Jen's tech agnostic, research-based solutions deliver powerful results. Her clients have experienced up to 250% increases in web traffic, a 98% reduction in data entry. 

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As a life-long entrepreneur, Twila Kaye knows what it takes to build an empire.  In 2013, after fast-tracking her gift basket company from bankruptcy to generating millions of dollars for herself and her clients, she founded Twila Kaye International and dedicated herself to teaching women everywhere how to build their empires.

Twila is the creator of The MILLION-aire MAP™, founder of the Woman UP Global Movement, and Managing Director of eWomen Network, Portland; where she coaches and leads over 100 successful female entrepreneurs into the next level of their lives and businesses. 

Produced by Liz Zirk

Liz has the unenviable job of trying to reign in Jen and Twila (wish her luck!). Liz is a heart-centered, impact-driven leadership coach. Her fun-loving spirit and can-do attitude make her a dynamic facilitator and leader. When she's not mediating Jen and Twila's banter, she's working as a Field Director for Youth for Understanding USA.

I'm tired of paddling upstream. I can't wait to listen to Jen & Twila's new podcast, The Third Paddle. #business #technology #podcast

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