Meet Jen McFarland

Owner, Foster Growth, Host, Third Paddle Podcast

Jen McFarland Foster Growth

Hi, I'm Jen. I lead smart women to powerful places.

But, that’s a little forward, so I’ll back up a minute.

I’ve spent my entire life being a smart woman trying to fit my brand of smarts into a man’s world. I’m a former warehouse worker, radio DJ, artist, graphic designer, Peace Corps Volunteer, nonprofit manager, business systems analyst, and public service executive.

I’ve got degrees. A couple of them.

I have learned a few things along the way -- one being we don’t belong in a man’s world. We belong in our world.

During my time of trying to fit in places I didn't belong, I learned if we want a world where strong women are welcome, we have to get in the game.

How do you get in a game that is not for you? One where the values don't even consider you? You build your own. And I am here to help.

What makes me different is that I’ve spent the last 12 years studying systems.

How people, communities, and ideas move. How we are connected and at times disconnected, or affected by the systems we choose. I know how to choose and implement the systems that will allow us to change the game.

Unleash yourself from the assumptions of how the world works. Experience freedom, relief, joy.

Game on.