You Are The Ringmaster of Your (Business) Circus

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Technology Management for Non-Technical People

Imagine you are a plate spinner. You’ve got three sticks in the air, and right at this moment, someone is quickly shoving another right in front of your nose for you to grab. You grab hold of it quickly. But, once you do, everything starts wobbling. Your plates are going to crash. Overwhelmed, you take a deep breath and realize you can’t hold on much longer. You need someone else to take one of the plates.

Let Automation Populate Your Pipeline

Foster Growth Automation Sales Pipeline

In any given day as a small business owner you have to do a million different tasks to keep the business moving forward, your clients happy and on top of all that you need to keep that sales pipeline healthy. It’s overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you SHOULD do versus what you need to do or want to do.

As a small business marketing consultant part of my job is to help you figure that out. One tool I often encourage my clients to take advantage of is automation.

Business Leaders: Time to Unleash Your Inner Geek!

Foster Growth Unleash Your Inner Geek

Why You Need To Be a Tech Leader Even If You Are Not Technical

Yep, you’ve heard it before or even thought it yourself “Technology is for geeks, nerds, and men.”

I have news for you…YOU. ARE. WRONG.

At best, staying in the dark about the technical side of your business costs you thousands of dollars a year. At worst, it exposes data to the world causing your business to close its doors.