Business Leaders: Time to Unleash Your Inner Geek!

Foster Growth Unleash Your Inner Geek

Why You Need To Be a Tech Leader Even If You Are Not Technical

Yep, you’ve heard it before or even thought it yourself “Technology is for geeks, nerds, and men.”

I have news for you…YOU. ARE. WRONG.

At best, staying in the dark about the technical side of your business costs you thousands of dollars a year. At worst, it exposes data to the world causing your business to close its doors.

3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Web Developer

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Giving birth to a business is a lot like giving birth to a baby. You dream about the idea long before it ever happens, you protect and grow it for a long time (probably longer than 9 months), and then you show it to the world.

Once your baby is born, you definitely don’t just hand he/she over to anyone without asking A LOT of questions first. So, why would you do that with your business?

5 Ways Gratitude Makes You A Better Leader

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Expressing gratitude can be a game-changer – at the office, and in your life in general.

Showing gratitude with a simple “Thank You” is something most people learn as children.

But now that you’re an adult, how often do you take the time to show gratitude? To your significant other? To your friends? What about professional contacts and colleagues?

There’s a growing body of research to indicate that gratitude is more than a “positive emotion” – it improves your health, and possibly the health of others.

How to Take the Lead & Protect Your Business Information

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If your business uses the Internet, here are some simple steps you can take to protect your sensitive online business information.

Small, Medium and Large Businesses Face the Same Online Data Security Risks – Take the Lead and Protect Your Business

Most small businesses depend on the Internet.

Whether it’s email, client logins, taking payments, or a website, then your business data is out there, which means it’s at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

As a small- to medium-sized business owner, it’s important to take a leadership role in protecting your business information.