Jen McFarland Foster Growth

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You're a business owner. You have a vision.

My specialty is zeroing in on your essential priorities and building a roadmap to support it. 

Your vision includes the full potential for what your business can be. Getting there can be difficult, especially when it comes to making decisions about technology.

It can be so hard to decide what to buy. We often crowdsource for answers among friends and colleagues or leave it to a service provider to decide on the right tools. I get it. We've all been there.

You wouldn't use a hammer to swat a fly, right? Finding the right tools to fit the job matters. Especially if you have big business dreams. Business technology decisions can be complicated, and they require a ton of research. I know, not only because I've built my own business, but I've also lead 7-figure technology projects for large organizations.

I help you make decisions in a safe, playful environment - free of geek speak. I pride myself on making sure you understand how you'll get where you want to go.

I highly recommend working with Jen!

Sandra Hughes, MBA, CPCC Owner, Life Reinvented

Jen is an outstanding tech strategist and also a warm and fun person to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of design and implementation of what will best serve you and your business at the stage that you are at; she will honestly tell you if something you are thinking won't work or doesn't make sense. I highly recommend working with Jen and the team that she is assembling to serve you!

Foster Growth collaborates with evolving businesses to create and manage technology roadmaps

Whether you are launching or leveling up, a roadmap is your blueprint for moving forward.

Critical for any journey, it clarifies what is needed at what time, so nothing is wasted along the way.

Having this clarity brings a sense of confidence and ownership over how you choose and use your technology. This allows your business’ growth and development to be seamless.

With the roadmap also comes: 

  • Research (apps, software, business process, providers)
  • Recommendations
  • Training
  • Project planning & management
  • Technical specifications
  • Tech agreements
  • Basic data security
  • Tech budgeting and forecasting

Solutions To Address Your Business' Core Needs

Jen McFarland Foster Growth

It starts with understanding your vision and goals. Together, we distill them into core needs and then prioritize them according to what’s most essential. You receive a list of tools and programs that serve each need.

With 10+ years in the tech world, I enjoy this stuff. Call me crazy, but to dig around and research these things is a tremendous joy. My services extend beyond programs, apps, and platforms—I also help by lining up the right developers, designers, and other providers to make it all happen.

I'll guide you so you know what you truly need and what you don’t. No more feeling like you’re on the hamster wheel, or being run by your technology. We now have a plan—a map—that lays out essential steps over the next few months (or even years), with the best tools and people to get you there.

I’m not beholden to any particular program or service—meaning, you get what’s best for your business and your budget. Nothing more, nothing less.